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Vortex Shaker - 750ml
The Vortex type shaker by the X Athletics is the most effective and powerful handheld drink mixer known to man. The newly revamped X Athletics Vortex is powered by a...

Vortex Shaker - 750ml

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750ml Stainless Steel Shaker
Our 750ml Premium stainless steel shakers are designed with an innovative glass window to view your contents! This will also keep your product cold for up to 2 hours with...
700ml Stainless Steel Shaker
Sick of your protein shake becoming warm with an hour? This is perfect for all of your pre, intra and post workout essentials. Great for the office worker and for...
1.3L Shaker #shakerseries
Move over from the standard 400ml and 600ml standard shaker cups. Our 1300ml cup has all those great qualities with our proven whisk ball to blend all your products needs...

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