How to clean your water bottle

How to clean your water bottle

Your trusty reusable water bottle keeps you hydrated on the go on any occasion. And it’s better for the environment. Not to mention, it’s way more stylish than regular old plastic disposable bottles. Check, check, check!


Your reusable bottle is a great way to stay hydrated and healthy, but that only works if you’re keeping it clean. Sadly, most of us don’t think to clean our bottles daily. Instead, we take the last sip, refill straight away, and we’re good to go. 


Since your water bottle is moist on the inside, it makes an ideal environment for bacterial growth which could lead to illness. Nobody wants that.


Follow the below steps to clean your reusable water bottle in no time.


  1. Wash your bottle daily. At least once each day is ideal. Fill your water bottle with warm water and dishwashing liquid, shake thoroughly, and then use the bottle brush to scrub the walls, bottom and the rim of the bottle. Rinse thoroughly.


  1. Dry with a paper towel. To avoid bacterial growth, try to get rid of moisture inside the bottle. Use a paper towel or a clean dish towel to dry the bottle. Or simply leave the cover off and let the bottle air dry.


  1. Use the dishwasher. If your bottle is dishwasher safe (check the label), place it on the top rack of the dishwasher and use the hottest water setting.


  1. Deep clean. If your bottle smells funky, or if you’ve gone too long without cleaning it, then you might need a deeper clean. Fill the bottle with cool water and add a teaspoon of bleach. Leave the solution in the bottle overnight and then dry the bottle after removing. If you don’t wish to use bleach, fill the bottle halfway with vinegar and then add cool water, then follow the same steps.


  1. Clean the cap. The cap, rim and straws of your bottle needs to be cleaned with warm water and soap daily. Don’t forget about them.


A reusable water bottle is the best way to keep healthy and hydrated, whether you’re a gym junkie, athlete, adventurer or 9-5’er. But it’s absolutely vital to ensure you’re caring for your bottles the right way.


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