Tips to recover quicker from a workout

Tips to recover quicker from a workout

Whether you’re a gym junkie, an occasional runner or anything in between, you’ll need a proper recovery routine post-workout. Taking the time to recover after a workout session aids muscle and tissue repair and builds strength.


Instead of dealing with soreness and fatigue, or taking pain medication, try the below tips for a quicker recovery after your workout.


  1. Drink water

You lose a lot of fluid through sweating when you workout, and it is important to replace it. Be sure to drink plenty of water during and after workouts to aid in your recovery. Water also helps to remove the metabolic waste a heavy workout creates. Try keeping a reusable water bottle nearby to keep yourself hydrated during a workout.


  1. Rest

So long as you’re mostly healthy, your body can take care of itself if given enough time. The best way to recover naturally after a workout is to simply relax. Certainly you should focus on diet and other recovery methods, but don’t skip this simple step.


  1. Eat healthy recovery foods

Much like fluid levels, your energy levels are depleted during a workout. To aid with tissue recovery and muscle growth, this energy must be replenished. Try to get some healthy proteins in after your workout to help your body repair the little tears in your muscles.


  1. Gentle stretching

Consider doing some gentle stretches after a heavy workout. When you exercise, your muscles become engaged and tense. Stretching, accompanied by deep breathing helps your muscles return to a relaxed state.


  1. Get a massage

Massages are the best for helping your muscles relax and for improving circulation. Feel free to skip the pricey sports massage, and try some foam roller exercises instead.


All these tips are great for a quicker recovery after workouts. But the most important thing to do for fast recovery is to listen to your body. Everyone is different, and so is every workout session. Pay attention to what your body is telling you. 


You may need more or less time to recover, depending on how you feel after working out.

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