Why having a reusable water bottle is better for the environment

Why having a reusable water bottle is better for the environment

Unless you’ve been under a rock somewhere, by now you know the havoc that single-use plastic has been wreaking on the environment. Between filling up our oceans, ruining coral reefs and coastlines, and killing marine life, single-use plastic has been super busy. And not in a good way.

And so the question on everyone’s lips now is, “How can we fix the existing damage and make sure we stop the trend?”

Our habits can help improve the environment

One place to start is with a simple daily habit. If you drink water daily (which, if you don’t doctors say you should) then you can do your part by ensuring that you use a reusable water bottle instead of buying water in single-use plastic bottles.

Now before you get skeptical and declare how that can’t possibly change anything, consider the fact that if you get your required daily amount of water and consume it from the average 12oz or 16oz single-use plastic bottle you’re using 4+ bottles per day, 28+ bottles per week, or 120+ bottles per month. 

And if there are other people in your household or if you work out regularly? That number could be two or three times as much. For a single household in a single month!

So your actions do matter. They matter a great deal.

By eliminating single-use plastic bottles from your routine and using a reusable water bottle you’d be contributing to the reduction of plastic waste in the environment. Refilling your bottle with filtered water is more affordable than buying bottled water so you’d also be saving money. 

Bottled water stats

But beyond that, here are some bottled water stats that highlight why reusable water bottles are better for the environment.

  • Single-use plastic bottles contain chemicals like BPA that can cause reproductive issues, cancer, and other ailments.

  • 90% of bottled water’s cost comes from making the bottle.

  • It takes 17 million barrels of oil to make one year’s supply of bottled water. That much fuel could power 1.3 million cars for a year.

  • The process of bottling water releases 2.5 million tons of carbon dioxide into the atmosphere every year.

The solution

At The X Athletics our goal is simple - to provide eco-friendly bottles that are stylish enough to appeal to our customers while meeting their need for a premium product. Because we believe you should be able to enjoy the water or your favorite beverage in a stylish bottle without negatively impacting the environment.

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