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Dialed Pre Workout

Dialed Pre Workout

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Arriving in 4 amazing flavours which will bring those nostalgic memories to life and having the whopping hit of ingredients in every serve. Each serve contains:

300mg Caffeine Anhydrous 

150mg English Walnut Extract 

400mg ALPHA GPC 

25mg Synephrine 

3000mg Citrulline 

2000mg Beta Alanine 

500mg AGMAPURE (agmatine sulphate)

Get dialed for just $69.95 for 50 serves and smash your next workout. 

"Get Dialed, Perform better"

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Customer Reviews

Based on 6 reviews
Angus Sutherland

Dialed Pre Workout

Great pre!

Only recently found out about dialed but once i tried it i knew i was on the hook! Overall a great pre-workout which gave me a lot of focus throughout the whole duration of my workout. Was not over powering my with the taste what so ever and just felt like a fresh drink! 10/10 purachase🙏🏽

Andy Gong
Best tasting pre workout!

I purchased a sample pack to try all the flavours. Was very impressed with the customer service and quick delivery. This is my new go to pre workout, highly recommend.

Andrew Erickson
Great product

I have had both the Fire Engine Raspberry and Sour Grape Bubblegum and can only say what a great product Dialed is! Gives you a brilliant pump and kick to smash out your workouts, without the dreaded crash or seedy feeling a few hours afterwards. Cannot recommend it highly enough

YW k
Actually tastes amazing

The flavours actuallt taste amazing. Love them , the energy is good too. Don't notice any crash after. Passion fruit flavour was a bit of a miss for me tho. But overall all of them didnt have a bad aftertaste. Definitely my new go to pre workout , used to buy factions lab disorder but this seems alot more stim heavy which i like.

Would give 6 stars if possible cause the owner even contacted to thank for the order and to make sure i received the product when it was at the post office . Really great experience , definitely recommend others to give them a try.